Why New Old Sound?

New Old Sound offers solutions for today's studios with special attention to interfacing with Digital Audio Workstations, maintaining high quality signal and creating synergetic integration between the old and new, focusing on the advantages of each.

New technology is often driven by mass production and requires efficient designs, reduced production costs and mass manufacturing in China. With a good off the shelf PC, audio interface, mic, midi keyboard and some software you have a fully functional recording studio at a ridiculously low price.

The problem starts when it sounds cheap. The specs are good, SNR and frequency response all check – so why does it sound so cheap?

The sound of old-school preamps, power amps and processors using vacuum tubes, transistors and discrete circuits is highly regarded for its warm aesthetic quality. Even though old technology has some disadvantages, it wins in the listening test time and time again.

Even if you start off with very basic equipment, at some point you will want to move upwards and achieve a better sound. You will get the best results when you invest correctly in the right components and in the right quantities. New Old Sound can help you make the choices that will get you the best sound to budget ratio. And when you're ready for your next investment, you won't have to think twice.

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Making your sound great!

New Old Sound brings together the beauty of old sound with the advantage of new gear. Using and servicing old gear can be exciting but also quite challenging. Sometimes components are hard to find and maintenance gets complicated. A lot of the beauty in old sound is in the design and not in the fact that it's old and aged. The problems associated with new gear are usually driven by the industry's tendency to lower costs and raise volumes. A small workshop can use higher grade components that would be impractical for mass production and eliminate some of the "Industrial" mediation, offering high end products and services at a reasonable cost.

So, even if your budget allows you to start with a basic computer based recording system, our designs can take your system to the next level and allow you to invest in the right places so as to make the biggest difference.


The front end

A good place to start is with the microphone and mic preamp. Don't compromise on these essential front ends. These components translate the movement of the air into electrical current rushing through conductors. Invest in at least 1 good microphone. If you find something old that you're not sure about, bring it to us. Maybe all it needs is just a little care and attention.

When you have a microphone, connecting it to the integrated mic preamp in your audio interface may be a serious compromise considering the difference in quality. You don't want your weak links to compromise your strong ones.

If you get an old console preamp we can service and rack it up for you with any I/O that you need. Or you can buy our off the shelf mic preamp (link to product page).

Using a good mic preamp to do most of the initial amplification allows you to use your audio interface's line input and have less amplifying to do.

Whatever you choose, NOS can provide a big console sounding preamp to complement your setup. You'll need at least one ;)

Mixing and summing

Now that your signals are already recorded it may be a good time to think out of the box :)

The marriage of many different signals into one mixed signal may be transparent and pristine in the computer realm but it's probably missing some magic and color that you could have by using an external summing box.

NOS have transformer based and transformer-less designs that can be topped of with a tube or FET summing amp to feed back to the recorder.

Reinforcing and monitoring

In audio production, it's very important to hear what you're doing. This requires a set of monitors which nowadays may come with a built in power amplifier. This, in itself, is a good solution if all you need is to connect your DAW output to the monitors' input. However, sometimes you want to use more than just one pair of monitors. Maybe you also have a player connected to the speakers. To achieve this without compromising your reinforcement, it's highly recommended better get a good high quality monitor section. This can be realized with a rack mount configuration or a desktop unit. Source selections and destinations can be tailored to accommodate your setup.

 Outboard Processing Solutions

While you can do most of the work "in the box" most pros will agree that a good piece of outboard gear is the point where you can make your sound really great. Compressors and Filters with all discrete circuits may not be the cheapest, but they will always have a much more unique personality and will become your signature sound.


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