About the company


New Old Sound is a Pro Audio gear design workshop.

Tube or solid state, analog and digital, old and new – we do it all.

Our team works with you to achieve the best sound to budget ratio.

What we offer: 

◦Boutique, custom designs and solutions tailored to your customer requirements
◦Low volume and hand-made manufacturing, in house, using precision tools and advanced technology
◦Industrial manufacturing, from design to packaging and total fulfillment
◦Expert service and repair of any Pro Audio equipment

Most of all, we offer you our vast experience and professional excellence along with a personal passion for studio, live sound and Pro Audio equipment in all its forms.

Come into our office and feel the difference yourself as you see our engineers work in house on your Pro Audio equipment as it's made especially for you.


About our founder 

Evgeny Klukin, the founder, opened the New Old Sound (NOS) offices in 2008.  Originally from Western Siberia, Evgeny studied at T.A.S.U.R – the Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics – in Tomsk to develop his knowledge of all things electronic. After finishing his studies he moved to Israel and worked at Waves as "Head of Hardware Department".  He was behind well known Waves hardware products such as L-2 and MaxxBCL. Evgeny stayed at Waves for 12 years after which he decided to pursue his dream - using old technologies to create new sounds.

Nowadays most audio engineering is done digitally, losing the magic and special quality of sound coming from actual hardware and not from numbers in a computer.  As Evgeny explains it - it's more physics and less math.  On a personal note, Evgeny's goal is to make something people will enjoy while continuing to enjoy the work.

  • NEW McONE ACTIVE Desktop Active Monitor Controller

    McONE Front new

    The McOne Active brings all of that plus a robust build, ergonomic design, and an old school vintage look for your desktop with its wooden side panels and cream finish.

  • Please welcome our USA distributor ZenPro Audio


    Please welcome our USA distributor, http://www.zenproaudio.com

    From now USA customers able to purchase New Old Sound Ltd. products easily.

    Please follow the ZenProAudio linc.


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  • Studio Magazin

    Studio Magazin icon

    The review from Studio Magazin.  (click for download)

    "A truly remarkable product with great
    tonal range, perfectly technically implemented."

    Fritz Fey

  • Coming soon! Summing Mixer

    Coming soon! NEW OLD SOUND represents the 48 channels passive, transformers based summing mixer. All discrete FET transistors design.


  • Yoad Nevo about NOS MOne Preamp

    - Yoad Nevo producer/engineer
    (Bryan Adams, Sugababes, Pet Shop Boys, a.m.)

    " The N.O.S - M one D.I allows me to work without amplifiers when recording guitars and...


  • PuigChild Compressor

    Waves Audio Ltd. and New Old Sound Ltd. released new hardware - the PuigChild Compressor New Old Sound Ltd. is behind of hardware design and manufacturing of the PuigChild Compressor. ...